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Raisa has a long-standing interest in sports and particular rhythmic gymnastics. Her interaction with nutrition grew a long time ago while adapting to the lifestyle of an athlete.

Visiting a Limassol Nutritionist

Have you visited a nutritionist recently? If you haven’t you should do it as soon as possible. In fact, experts in the healthcare industry recommend that you should visit a nutritionist at least once per year. This is because a good Limassol nutritionist will assess your eating habits and provide recommendations on what you should do. If you are in Cyprus, you should consider visiting The Limassol Nutritionist, which is run by Raisa Panagiotou.


  • “I wanted the best for my little baby and chose to follow a special diet during my pregnancy. Raisa was able to handle professionally and very carefully my case. ”

    Maria Ioannou
  • Amazing experience & Results. Raisa changed my life. I lost 30kg and feel much healthier and happier than ever. Raisa is capable to achieve any target.

    Nikolas Savva


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Why Visit a Limassol Nutritionist?

There are a number of reasons why you should visit a good nutritionist. First, visiting a qualified nutritionist will help you understand your body. This is because we are trained to understand the many bodily challenges you go through such as fatigue and appetite. Second, if you have weight issues, we will help you address them. For example, if you are underweight, we will recommend the best diet. If you are overweight, we will create for you a plan to help you lose the weight. Third, if you are pregnant, we will guide you through the journey to ensure that you and the baby are in excellent health. Fourth, if you have other issues like those on digestion, and physical performance, we will help you address them.

Talk to a Limassol Dietitian Today

If you are thinking about whether to visit a dietitian, you should consider visiting Raisa. Raisa is an one of the country’s leading rhythmic gymnastics. She graduated with a BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science from University of Athens. She then completed a masters in Human and Sports Nutrition at the British University. She has worked in a number of leading healthcare institutions. She is a well-educated and well-experienced professional who understands various nutritional needs. She will listen to you, and guide you on what you need to do to achieve your goals. In addition, she will provide a follow up to assess how her plan is working.

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