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A specialized nutrition program is prepared, during the first consultation session depending on an individual’s daily calorific needs and physical activity, to reach the desired body weight and achieve an ideal body composition. Sessions are held at regular intervals to better support each individual.

Metabolic Rate Measurement

Gives meaningful and reliable information on the metabolic rate of each person. A high metabolism helps to assist with weight loss, while a slow metabolism makes weight loss more challenging. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is defined as the minimum amount of calories consumed by the body in a resting state in order to maintain its vital functions. Any additional activity required to provide all the energy needs that a person requires to maintain body weight is estimated by a specific rate of physical activity.

Child Obesity

The treatment of child obesity focuses on altering any eating and exercise habits that are not performed correctly. The goal is to gradually promote better eating habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle in your child’s everyday life. The family’s contribution along with the child’s effort, are considered a significant cornerstone for the years to follow as a teenager and later on as an adult.

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  • “I wanted the best for my little baby and chose to follow a special diet during my pregnancy. Raisa was able to handle professionally and very carefully my case. ”

    Maria Ioannou
  • Amazing experience & Results. Raisa changed my life. I lost 30kg and feel much healthier and happier than ever. Raisa is capable to achieve any target.

    Nikolas Savva


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Weight Managment

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