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Pregnancy and breastfeeding are important moments in a woman’s life, since the personal needs of both the mother and the child come to give an emphasis to the nutritional assessment. The program aims to meet the nutritional needs of both the mother and the child, providing optimal nutritional support and the avoidance of possible risks such as gestational diabetes and eclampsia that may occur. The pregnant mother is further educated to understand what is nutritious and what she should be avoided during pregnancy and later on during the breastfeeding period.

pregnancy nutrition


  • “I wanted the best for my little baby and chose to follow a special diet during my pregnancy. Raisa was able to handle professionally and very carefully my case. ”

    Maria Ioannou
  • Amazing experience & Results. Raisa changed my life. I lost 30kg and feel much healthier and happier than ever. Raisa is capable to achieve any target.

    Nikolas Savva


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